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Senior organic synthesis researcher (unlimited)
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Senior organic synthesis researcher (unlimited) 面议
Department: Online recruitment
  • Tianjin | | tianjin | | binhai new area|| ||
  • 3-5 years
  • Senior high school
  • Full time
  • No limit
Description of position:

Job responsibilities:

1. Complete the project on time within the time agreed by the company. Complete process development and optimization as required, and assist the factory to complete pilot test and trial production;
2. Independently complete literature review and map analysis, be able to complete compound synthesis route design, formulate project plan and implement according to literature;
3. Skillfully complete various common chemical reactions, master the compound separation and purification technology commonly used in the laboratory, optimize the reaction conditions, and prepare a complete and systematic experimental report;
4. Lead the project team to complete the established research tasks, guide the project team members to complete their daily work, and be able to solve project problems independently;
5. Familiar with laboratory safety management, with process safety experience.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, applied chemistry and other related majors;
2. At least 5 years working experience in drug synthesis or organic synthesis, familiar with the operation of organic synthesis system, with strong ability to analyze and solve problems;
3. Good command of English, proficient in reading English professional literature;
4. Master the common compound separation and purification technology and structure identification methods in the laboratory, such as NMR, HPLC, LC-MS, IR, etc., and be able to skillfully retrieve and apply various chemical documents and patents;
5. Rich project management experience, professionalism, innovation spirit and teamwork ability;
6. Have a high sense of responsibility and initiative, good professional ethics.


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