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Application of continuous flow fixed bed catalytic reaction


Apply the advanced technology of large chemical industry to the field of fine chemical industry. Compared with the traditional autoclave catalytic hydrogenation, the fixed bed catalyst is not easy to wear and can be used for a long time; When the ratio of height to diameter is large, the fluid flow in the bed is close to the ideal exclusion. Therefore, the reaction rate is fast, and a large yield can be obtained with a small amount of catalyst and a small reactor volume; Because the residence time can be strictly controlled and the temperature distribution can be properly adjusted, the selectivity is high and the high conversion can be achieved.


Application of microchannel reaction technology


Microchannel reactor is suitable for a variety of reactions. Its total heat transfer efficiency and mass transfer performance of fluid mixing are many times higher than those of traditional reactor. It has significant advantages in a variety of chemical synthesis applications: improving reaction yield and purity; Eliminate potential safety hazards; Shorten the reaction cycle; Reduce solvent use and waste generation; Without amplification effect, seamless connection from laboratory process to production process can be realized.


Application of enzyme resolution technology


It is a method of selective asymmetric decomposition of enzymes in microorganisms or animal and plant tissues to separate corresponding enantiomers from racemates. With the continuous development of biotechnology, enzymatic resolution is more and more widely used in the preparation of chiral drugs.


Application of cross domain technology


Chemical technology is used to solve biological problems, achieve interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary development, gradually expand the business to the field of biological products such as IVD raw materials and nucleic acid drug raw materials, and accumulate leading fluorescent probe chemical synthesis technology. It has more than 3000 effective fluorescent probe molecules, high purity, no mismatch and no heavy metals, which has no adverse impact on Taq enzyme activity, It fully meets the requirements of in vitro diagnostic reagents.


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